There's more than a handful of music that I liked to listen to while working on Abian, either because it fit with the story, described the characters and their situations, or otherwise somehow inspired the Abian mood for me. For the sake of complete randomness and because some people like this type of stuff, I've decided to list all of my "Abian music" here, and in some cases even point out the very things they best fit with.

Oingo Boingo- Insanity -- Basically, it's the first five books of Abian.

Keane. So much Keane. Usually fit for Simon and/or Lava, often flopping back and forth between the two, depending on the song. Check out these ones specifically:

There's a few others, but they're less notable. Basically, just check out the Under the Iron Sea and Hopes and Fears albums.

There's a couple of Lifehouse songs, Simon that's fairly, well, Simon, in Part 2 *Books 6-8* and Quasimodo that's fairly Simon in Part 3 *Books 9-16*.

And then for the never-fully-explained history between Marctavious and Lava:

On, of course, there's the fact that Abian is being made into a musical! No joke. So far we only have two of the official Abian songs, and they can be found on the Abian Myspace Page but more will likely come in later once the writing has really gotten rolling on it.